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Beacon Construction 

Beacon Construction reached out to us looking for a quality lineup of promotional apparel.
Their goal was to provide the employees of their company with quality work and casual wear, that came in a variety of colours and styles. Our access to hundreds of different suppliers made this request easy to handle. Working within their feedback, we were able provide quality recommendations that seemed to fit what they were looking for best.




Once the products were established, we were once again able to work with Beacon Construction in stylizing their new promotional wear.  Staying within their vision, we were able to take creative freedoms in how their brand would best be displayed on the different clothing styles.        

“Brenda’s recommendations made my apparel selections easy and the products value was as promised”
Jeremy White – President - Beacon Construction



Community Futures 

Community Futures was looking for a variety of office and personal items to use around their work environment. Looking for option and ideas, they reached out to us looking for some suggestions. They were quite pleased with the vast array of pens, bags, and water bottle options to choose from, and easily found a variety that would fit both their company colours, as well as their functional needs. 


Other Work